Each time you upload data on a web hosting server, you will need a certain amount of storage space on the hard disk dependent on its size. In the event that you manage a script-driven internet site which stores its data in a database, it will require more space, the more people use it. To give an example, in the event that you have a community forum, the greater amount of comments people write, the greater the database will be. Emails, especially ones which have attachments, also require some space in the web hosting account. The HDD space quota that you receive with any hosting supplier is the overall amount of info you could have at any given moment, and this includes website files, emails and databases. Likewise, a PC has a hard drive and the software programs installed on it together with all the documents and / or music files that you generate or download require some disk space, which can't exceed the full capacity of your hard drive.
Disk Space in Hosting
Using our hosting packages, you will never concern yourself with hdd storage. While most suppliers generate accounts using just a single server and at some point all the server disk storage is in use, we've employed a cloud website hosting platform in which the files, email messages and databases are handled by different groups of servers. By doing this, every single machine performs better because just one type of processes is working on it, plus the disk storage is virtually unlimited since we will always install more servers or hard disk drives to the cluster, based on whether we need extra processing power or more storage space. You will never come across a situation when you are unable to upload more files because there is no available hard disk space on your server, that's a matter you can experience with many other suppliers. When you use our web hosting services, you can be sure that shortage of space will never be a holdback for the growth of your web sites.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server packages have "disk space" as a feature to highlight that it is really unlimited. We're able to make that happen with the help of an innovative, custom cloud hosting system, where your files, emails and databases will be stored on different clusters of servers. We will add more hard disks or entire servers to any of the clusters and at any time, and our hosting Control Panel was created to work with such a system. In contrast, the majority of Control Panels on the hosting market can work only on a single server, and in spite of what a large number of providers promote, they really make multiple accounts on a single machine. Using a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you will never need to worry about hdd space limits and you will be able to give full attention to developing your sites.
Disk Space in Dedicated Hosting
Selecting Linux dedicated hosting you'll get all the hard disk space that you may need for your web sites, databases, email messages and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage will be at your disposal and not shared with anybody else, which means that you are able to upload any content you need to - web site files, personal or company archive backups, and so on. You'll have at least two separate hard disk drives that function well in RAID, so that one drive will mirror the other one in real time to guarantee that your important information is always backed up. If you like, you'll be able to use the HDDs independently and employ the whole space in any way you see fit. If required, you can also get supplementary hard drives added to your server to get even greater storage space. You'll have the option to set up website hosting accounts with fixed hard disk storage allowances when you obtain the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. Picking Hepsia, which is the 3rd Control Panel option on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on the server will share the hard disk storage space and they will be managed through a single account. In either case, our dedicated plans will satisfy your needs regardless of the kind of website you intend to host.